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In general, soccer is a very safe sport, however the following will help ensure that we as board members, coaches, and parents have done everything that we can to eliminate preventable serious injuries.

1. Goal Safety - DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO CLIMB ON GOALS! EVER!  Whenever possible, the goals at PGPC are anchored to the ground with permanent anchors and clips.  Check the goals on your field before and after each practice and game to ensure they are attached and let a board member know if they are not.  Neighborhoods are responsible for their own goals - encourage them to anchor their goals as well!  More than 96 children have been critically injured or killed by falling soccer goals in the last 35 years.  A 9 year old boy was killed in NC in 2012 when a goal fell on him.  Visit the NCYSA Recreation Coaches page and scroll to the bottom for more information on goal safety.

2. Lightning - IF YOU HEAR THUNDER OR SEE LIGHTNING, STOP IMMEDIATELY AND CLEAR THE FIELDS!  Play may be resumed after 30 continuous minutes with NO thunder or lightning.  View the NCYSA Lightning Policy for more information.

3. Slide Tackling - SLIDE TACKLING IS NOT ALLOWED!  Slide tackling is an important part of the game of soccer, but it is also very dangerous if performed improperly and/or recklessly.  In our league, the vast majority of the children are not physically mature enough to learn the proper technique for a slide tackle.  At this level, children
should be taught to stay on their feet.  All slide tackles should be called dangerous play, with a free kick awarded to the other team.

4. Heading - HEADING IS NOT ALLOWED IN ANY OF OUR AGE GROUPS. Per US Soccer and NCYSA regulations, heading is not allowed for any age group under 13. If a header occurs in a game, the referee will call it and it will result in a free kick for the other team. If it was determined to be an inadvertent play, play will continue. 

5.  Heat Injuries - Encourage players (and parents) to drink plenty of water.  Visit the NCYSA Recreation Coaches page and scroll to the bottom for more information on heat related injuries.
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