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Sample Coach Welcome Letter

Hello Western United Soccer Club Riverbend U6 Team,

I’m really excited to contact everyone and let you know that I’ll be coaching our U6 team this season and I wanted to get you some important information about what we’ve got coming up.  The WUSC board has worked hard and put together an incredible season this year… I can almost feel the buzz and excitement about this season… This is going to be awesome…!

Coaches have just received the rosters and we’re getting under way here in a short while.  I’ve got to say that I’m rather biased that our roster is the best lineup out there as I’m sure you’ll all agree…. ;)

Email is the preferred method of communicating information in an effective manner.  Please add my email address [email protected] to your safe email list to ensure that no one misses anything important or fun for that matter...!

Pre-Season Practice Schedule and Details

Practices will start the week of August 24th (which is next week) and will be held every Tuesday evening at 6pm -6:45(ish)pm.  We may go to 7pm, player depending.  We have not received our uniforms or soccer balls as of yet.  I have plenty of soccer balls for practice but if you have one please bring it along.

The days/dates are as follows:
Tue Aug 24th

Tue Sept 1st

Tue Sep 8th

This practice schedule will give us 3 practice sessions before the official game season starts.

We will be practicing in the open grassy area near the playground at the front/main entrance of the Riverbend neighborhood.  If you need directions please let me know.

Team Roster

Team Volunteer Information


First Name

Last Name



Head Coach




[email protected]

Team Participants Information

Participant First Name

Participant Last Name

Account First Name

Account Last Name

Primary Contact Telephone

Primary Contact Email






[email protected]


example example example 555-555-5555 [email protected]

Assistant Coach Volunteers

Your help and involvement as parents is greatly appreciated during the season with both practice and game times.  Occasionally I may be away or unable to run a practice or game.  I’d love to have several folks who will step in and help out as necessary.  Please reply if you are willing to do so.

Recommended and Required Items for Practice and Games

  • Comfortable and supportive sneakers (no open toes, flip flops or crocs) - cleats are optional but I’d recommend if your player is going to use cleats during the game season that they wear them for practice to break them in and get used to wearing them, otherwise whatever is most comfortable for them to run around and kick the soccer ball.
  • Soccer Ball provided by WUSC
  • Shin Guards are required to be worn by the state during practice and games so please make sure you’ve picked up some prior to practice.
  • Water bottle(s) are recommended for proper hydration.
  • For Games - appropriate footwear, water bottle(s), snack(s), shin guards (required), team uniform.
  • Also - Please notify me of any special needs or requirements of your player ie: Diabetic, Asthma, Allergic to bee stings etc and please be sure to have the appropriate snacks or medication etc packed with your player in that regard and that I have your direct cell/emergency number(s).

Game Days and Location

All of our games will be held at the soccer fields behind Pleasant Grove Presbyterian church.  Address and map link are below but if anyone needs help finding the fields please let me know.  Parking is accommodated in the church lot or the grassy lot next to the fire station and baseball field.  Please be prompt if not 10 minutes early so we can warm up and have a bit of fun prior to engaging in the game.

Pleasant Grove Presbyterian

6701 Pleasant Grove Road

Charlotte, NC 28216-1443

(704) 399-3847

Game Schedules, Rules and Website Resources

Game schedules will be coming out shortly.  Once they are released I will circulate the info.  Games officially begin on Saturday September 12th 2015.  There is a Bye Week on Saturday October 3rd this season. 

Here are the rules and game play setup for U6 for review:

The WUSC website is new this year and has many new features including sorting of the calendar by team and then you can also download the calendar.  Once schedules are out log in and check it out…!

Inclement Weather, Lightning/Thunder Policy and No Climbing on Goals Policy

The WUSC website will serve to notify every one of game delays or cancellations due to inclement weather.  If you suspect inclement weather be sure to pull up the website for up to date information.  I will also double up as best I can with an email notification as to if the club has delayed/cancelled any particular game day etc.

It is also important to note the Lightning Policy (attached).  The club is taking this seriously as there have been serious injury and deaths that have occurred – not at our club thank goodness.  I want to bring this up right away because I know it’s a contentious topic amongst participants and parents/spectators that want games to continue despite the weather.  I too am a very competitive person and want to see games completed and uninterrupted, however, not at the potential injury and harm to my players and those who are watching.  This will be taken into consideration with practices and games.  I will be calling games according to this policy as a FYI.  There may be some coaches (who do not respect the policy), players and onlookers who will “protest” if this happens, there’s always a few, however, my concern is safety first for everyone as I hope you’ll understand.  I liken it to if the lifeguards at your neighborhood pool see lighting or hear thunder then they call a time delay.  This is a very similar policy.

We also want our parents to be aware that if you see ANY child climbing on or attempting to climb on the various goals that are set up, that you need to immediately warn and tell that child to not climb on the goals.  Same as the lightning, there has been serious injury and death that has occurred – not at our club thank goodness - from these heavy goals actually falling down on top of children when climbed on.  Please be aware and act accordingly – even if it’s not your child.  The club greatly appreciates your help there.

Snack Schedule

I need your help on coordinating and organizing a snack schedule.  Please Reply All if you’d like to get us organized there.

Soccer Clinics Offered

WUSC has a good relationship with Belmont Abbey College for the last 3 years.  Below are two clinics that you may be interested in.  These are very good clinics especially Fast Footwork.  The clinics are prorated as well.  This information will be on WUSC’s website as well.

1.     Belmont Abbey youth FREE clinic on Friday, August 28, from 6-7pm. Flyer is attached. Please have players bring a ball.

2.     Belmont Abbey Fast Footwork – 4 Fridays - Sep 4, 18, 25, Oct 2. Time would be 6-7:15pm. Sign up paperwork/website soon.

My goals as coach for our team this season

  • Having as much fun as possible to promote a positive experience yet maintain safety awareness.
  • Teaching/Introducing positive and appropriate sportsmanlike behavior and respect of other team members, opponents, coaches, referee’s and spectators.
  • Having each player get as many “touches” of the ball as possible to explore and hone each player’s skills and abilities.

I’m really excited to be involved in this club and we’re going to have lots of fun.  As parents/guardians, there are many opportunities to be involved in helping out with the club.  If you would like to contribute your time to a small part of helping out with making the club even greater, please let me know and I can put you in contact with someone at the organization.  Also, if you have any suggestions/comments/concerns at any time during our time together please let me know or if you’d like to participate in the practices or games please let me know as well - any and all participation is very welcomed.

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns and I’d be happy to help, otherwise I look forward to meeting each of you and your players and having a great time!


Coach x

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