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UPDATED 4/26/2024

It is almost time for tryouts for our Western United Soccer Club Revolution competitive team tryouts for the 2024-2025 Classic Soccer Year. Tryout dates are regulated by NCYSA to keep things fair for all clubs. Tryouts for the following play year are allowed starting at various times in May, depending on age, at the conclusion of the current spring season.

Our tryouts are always FREE, we don't believe in charging for tryouts.
If you are interested, all you have to do is register on our website, which is (Registration should be up on the site by Monday 4/29)

Please read through both sides of the Classic Soccer tab on our site as it will answer most questions. Always happy to answer questions though, just reach out at [email protected]

Tryouts for Boys and Girls are as follows:
Monday and Tuesday, May 6th and 7th
U11 Revolution (2014 birthdates or later)
U12 Revolution (2013 birthdates or later)
Check-in begins at 6pm, Workouts start at 6:30pm and will run until 7:45pm

Tryouts for Boys and Girls are as follows:
Monday and Tuesday, May 20th and 21st
U13 Revolution (2012 birthdates or later)
U14 Revolution (2011 birthdates or later)
U15 Revolution Boys Only (2010 birthdates or later)
U16 Revolution (2009 birthdates or later)
U18 Revolution (2007 birthdates or later)
Check-in begins at 5:30pm for U13 and U14 with workouts from 6pm-7:30pm and U15-U18 check-in will begin at 7pm with workouts from 7:30pm-9pm

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 21st and 22nd
U15 Revolution Ladies- (Girls Only, 2010 birthdates or later)
Check-in begins at 7pm with workouts from 7:30pm-9pm

All Tryouts will be held at Mountain Island Charter School, which is located at 13440 Lucia Riverbend Highway, Mt. Holly, NC 28120.

Classic Soccer

NCYSA- North Carolina Youth Soccer Association- Mission Statement for Classic Soccer. 
It is the mission of the NCYSA Classic program to provide an environment to foster soccer competition at the highest level: age appropriate development of players who demonstrate talent and commitment with the desire to excel; and an appropriate level of team competition and the values of good sportsmanship to all who participate. 

Note about Classic Soccer- Classic Soccer has been referred to as Select, Challenge, Travel Soccer. If you hear or have heard these terms before, they essentially are referring to the same thing. The official label by NYCSA is Classic Soccer. 

Western United Classic Soccer
For Western United Soccer Club, (WUSC), our Classic program "WUSC Revolution" allows us to give players that are ready to move beyond rec soccer to continue to develop their games, while playing competitive soccer against talent from the Greater Charlotte and Western North Carolina areas in addition to teams from all around the Southeast when we travel to tournaments. In the past few seasons, we have competed against teams from all around Charlotte, and from Waxhaw to Asheville during the regular season. We also have attended two tournaments each season, traveling to tournaments in Asheville, Raleigh/Durham, Charleston, SC, Greenville, SC, Myrtle Beach, SC and around the greater Charlotte area as well. We typically play one local tournament and one tournament out of town. 

In addition to the opportunity to improve play and compete, our program has developed a family atmosphere. Our kids are not only teammates but have gotten to become good friends and so have the families that support the players. In addition, we offer this opportunity at a fraction of the cost of other larger programs in the Charlotte area. We look forward to seeing you soon at tryouts and also as part of our Revolution family!

Important Things to Know
1) Classic Soccer is a commitment. This is not rec soccer, you are part of a competitive team. We train as a team and play as a team and every piece of the team is important. When you commit, you should expect to attend all practices and games. It is hard for coaches to train players and build gameplans if players miss practices and/or games. Additionally, playing time is determined by the coaches and usually aligns with effort and productivity. Our teams will begin training in late summer to prepare for the fall season, which starts in August and goes until late November. The Spring season training will begin in January, season begins in February and goes through mid-May. During the preseason, we may practice up to 3 times a week, during the season, practice will be 2 times a week. We do understand sometimes there are extenuating circumstances, but we ask that if something does arise, speak to your coach as soon as possible so they understand the situation and can plan around it. 

2) We do not know what teams will be in our division or where they are located. This doesn't just pertain to our club, this is statewide and impacts all Classic Teams. Once all participating clubs have submitted their intent to play and list their Classic Teams, NCYSA pools everyone together and divides the teams by geographical region. Being in a large market like Charlotte, most of the teams for us are typically located in the Greater Charlotte Area, but we could see teams in our division from Greensboro/High Point all the way over to Asheville/Western North Carolina. We have no control over who is put in our division. During the scheduling period, our Administration and Coaches work as hard as possible to create a balanced and fair schedule with the other clubs in our division. A typical regular season is 10-12 games and we try to split home and away as evenly as possible.

3) Game Days- Games are typically played on Saturday's or Sunday's for the most part. If there needed to be a makeup game due to weather, etc. it is possible that a Friday night could be utilized. Game times are based on field availability and availability of the opposing club. Many classic teams have coaches that coach multiple teams and therefore are juggling schedules for multiple teams/games over each weekend. 

4)Training- Our training for our teams will be at Mountain Island Charter School for U13-U18 and for U11 and U12 primarily at  Shuffletown Park.

5) Home Games- Our home games will be held at MICS- Mountain Island Charter School for U13 and higher. Due to needing smaller field sizes for the younger teams, the U11 and U12 home games are played at Shuffletown Park. 

6) U15/16 Rules/U17/U18- U15/U16 matches are 40 minutes per Half. Other rules remain the same as U13+. Halftime is a maximum of 15 minutes. Max roster size is 22, only allowed to dress 18. Coaches will determine final roster size. U17 and U18 play 45 minute halves.

7) U13/U14 Rules- U13 is the first year that players are allowed to head the ball. While most players have had some experience heading a ball on their own, it is not allowed either in training or games at the Rec or Classic level prior to U13 soccer. This will be an adjustment but adds another element to the game for our players to learn and perfect and adds additional strategy, especially on set pieces. U13 Classic Soccer is 11 v 11 on a larger field than our younger teams play on. This adds to the fact that our players need to build their speed and stamina, as there will be more area for them to cover and greater space for playmaking. Another change at the U13 level is the ball size. The ball size goes up to a size 5 (a regulation sized soccer ball). Games are 35 minute halves (an increase of 5 minutes per half from U12 and lower.) Halftime is a maximum of 15 minutes. Maximum roster size allowed is 22, only 18 can dress for games (per NCYSA rules). Our coaches will determine the number of players that make the roster. 

7) U11 and U12 Rules- No headers are allowed in these divisions, either in training or in games. U11 and U12 Classic Soccer are played on a smaller than regulation field and is 9 v 9. Ball size is Size 4, one size down from regulation soccer balls. Games are 30 minute halves with a maximum 15 minute halftime. Maximum roster size is 16 (per NCYSA rules). Our coaches will determine the number of players that make the roster. 

8) Parent Expectations- WUSC expects that our parents will support and encourage our players, will let our coaches coach the games and will respect the decisions made by the referees. NCYSA calls for parents of each club to remain in their teams own half of the field. For example, if WUSC's bench is on the left side of the field, the parents from our club will only sit in that end of the field. Parents are directly across the field from their teams bench. Parents are not allowed behind goals or on the players (bench) side of the field. 

9) What is included in the cost for your player?- Your players fee will cover two uniforms for your player, registration fees for two tournaments, administrative costs such as referee fees (refs are paid by the teams for each game they referee, not NCYSA), etc. You will be responsible for any travel costs to games, hotels and food at tournaments etc. There will be no additional costs to play for your players though once you have paid the team fee unless we choose to play additional tournaments outside of the two included. 

10) What do I need to provide for my player?- You will need to provide soccer cleats, shin guards, and the appropriate size ball for your player. 

11) What is the cost for my player?- Club Fees are $350 per player per season, so $700 total for the year. Once you are notified that your player has been chosen for the team, you will need to pay for half of the year within two weeks. The other half will be collected in January. 

12) Is there anything else needed after team selection?- Yes, our registrar will need to verify your child's birth certificate in order to ensure they qualify to be on the team. You will also need to sign a liability waiver.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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